• Stock Transparency in
    Critical Situations.
    Say hello to the Critical Chain Monitor of valantic.
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The Critical Chain Monitor is a cloud-based service that creates stock transparency over the n-tier supply chain in critical supply situations. The SaaS system can be set up quickly and operated easily.

Instantly ready for takeoff

Move on from client-rollouts and server-landscapes. Your browser is sufficient for the Critical Chain Monitor.

Multi-level transparency

The integrated user role concept allows tracking of materials on the supplier level (n-tier).

Data protection

All planning data is saved according to strict data protection directives in Europe.

Easy usability

Plain processes and clear visualizations make the operation of the Critical Chain Monitor easy.

Attractive pricing model

You only pay what you are actually using: The payment of the Critical Chain Monitor is a pure pay-per-use concept.

Flexible Reporting

User-definable reports make the Critical Chain Monitor adaptable to your specific needs.

Interactive Building of Multi-Level Supply Chains

The graphical supply chain editor allows modelling of complex multi-level material flows within minutes.

The flexible modelling approach of the Critical Chain Monitor makes setting up and maintaining all relevant supply chain structures simple. Bills of material, quotations, stocks and lead-times can be entered with a mouse-click. A clear structure and the zoom functionality ensure that you will never lose the overview.

Multi-Level Tracking of Materials

The Critical Chain Monitor calculates stock ranges and availabilities for all critical materials out of the stocks that are entered on a daily basis.

Stocks of critical materials are managed either centrally or directly by the suppliers at the different levels of the supply chain. The Critical Chain Monitor enables the distributed tracking of stocks through an efficient user role concept. The measuring of stocks takes place directly in the browser, dedicated interfaces at the suppliers are not necessary.

Flexible Evaluation of the Supply Situation

User-definable reports enable a target-oriented evaluation of stocks and stock ranges.

The efficient reporting functionality of the Critical Chain Monitor allows a systematic evaluation of actual and historical stock ranges of critical materials. The level of detail of the reports, the selection of materials as well as the visual design can be adjusted in a flexible way. Exporting the reports in standard formats make the sharing of information easy.